KC Confectionery Ltd

Our Sweet Story

Our Sweet Story

"K.C. Confectionery Limited began in 1922"

K.C. Confectionery Limited began in 1922 as a cottage industry and has diversified and expanded today to a fast paced, people-driven company that is foremost in technology and innovation.  The family-run company developed into a factory in 1957 and became fully automated by the early 1990s.  The budding Candy Company experienced a significant increase in Human Resource Capital that resulted in advanced expertise, propelling recognition from international markets.  At present, K.C. Confectionery Limited exports products to all of the Caricom countries, the United States of America, Canada, England and the Netherlands Antilles.

Even today, one can indulge in a variety of mouth-watering candy products at K.C. Confectionery, ranging from hard candies, soft chews and lollipops, or the famous Dinner Mint with irresistible love words.  Imagine…the aroma of tropical fruits, fragrances that will heighten your senses and a spectrum of colours all blended together in blissful delight.  It is a fantasy? No, it is now your every dream come true.  With 100 years of history, step into the world of K.C. Candy and allow your childhood dreams to be revived as you take a journey through the Caribbean’s largest Confectionery Manufacturer.  So forget your troubles, leave the hectic bustle of work behind you and enter the fantasy world of K.C. Confectionery Limited as we celebrate 100 years!

100 years later, K.C. Confectionery’s success can be observed by the achievement of awards the Company received over the years.  The Company has excelled in the areas of Tourism, Economic Growth in Trinidad, Workplace Safety, and Large Business Enterprise in the Caribbean.  The Company’s success is also evident through the highly skilled workforce that K.C. Confectionery employs.  A team of trained technicians in a contemporary laboratory ensures that manufacture of the highest quality of candies.  A total Quality Management (TQM) approach has been adopted in which all personnel of the Company are an integral part.  These structures, and more, have been put into place to guarantee optimum product quality and highest customer satisfaction.