KC Confectionery Ltd

Our Timeline

Our Timeline

The Company began as a Cottage Industry

Operated by the late Abdur Razack Khan and the late Zainab Khan

The Late Ibrahim Khan (at the age 10 yrs.) took leadership of the Cottage Industry.

Operations shifted from Preysal Village to Edgar Street, Couva

Operations was relocated to the current location: Southern Main Road, Couva.

Introduced business name “K.C. Confectionery Company”

Gained recognition from I.D.C. as an approved Factory
Launched cream filled biscuits production

Barbados and Jamaica

Pioneered Bubble Gum manufacturing in the Caribbean

Commenced Export – Duty Free to the Caribbean under Carifta Agreement

Barbados and Jamaica

Pioneered Bubble Gum manufacturing in the Caribbean

Introduced in the Caribbean revolutionized vacuum cooking for candy
Expanded the business infrastructure 2.5 times its size through land acquisition
The Company was transformed into a Limited Liability Company – K.C. Confectionery Limited

K.C.C.L. discontinued manufacturing biscuits

Commissioned a fully automated Line:

Hard Candy Production – 10-Ton Line

Packaging Processing Line

High-Speed Bubble Gum Line

Became a key candy Manufacturer in the Caribbean

Initiated work with All Trinidad Sugar and General Workers Trade Union

High-speed candy molding was developed
Human Resources operations was streamlined
Acquired Brand Manufacturing for Cadbury’s Chocolate, United Kingdom

Original liquorice flavour Black Hacks® Candy

K.C. Confectionery Limited transitioned into the second generation

On February 17th the Family, Management and Employees were devastated by the passing of Ibrahim Hosein Khan, founder and successor to his father by family elect, re-commissioned the family’s business and values as he led K.C.C.L. into the 21st Century

The Company’s operations grew in harmony to its vision

Human Resource – Employment reached 300 employees

Sales and Marketing flourished throughout Trinidad and Tobago, regionally and the United States markets

KC Candy became a household brand in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and developed Islands.

The Company continued to expand and develop Bubble Gum products

A gumball shaped processing system was initiated and sales spiraled in both domestic and export market, namely Jamaica

Established Sales Agent in Ontario, Canada

Operations continued upward

Digitally transformed Administrative functions

Received the Export Award from The South Trinidad Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Received an Award for our contribution to development of Trinidad from the Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Development Authority

Recognition and Establishments continued

Received the Most Environment Friendly Company Award and Special Award for Workplace Safety from the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Established Sales in Eastern and Southern coast of USA markets

K.C.C.L continued evolving

Fully Automated wrapping and packaging Departments

Flow Pack Wrapping was introduced for Ball shaped products

Received the UNIDO Award for Business Innovation

Commenced New Starch Gummy and Chocolate production

Mass Production of a variety of Starch and Jelly “Gummy” products

Chocolate Production – Hand crafted and wrapped with fruit

Pectin center and peanuts in a variety of special and seasonal shapes

Received the Prime Minister’s Award – Export Award Division IV
The Company celebrated its 75th Anniversary

Internal Upgrade – Expanded our Computer Software and Hardware

In preparation for the NEW Millennium, the Company implemented Project E.R.I.S. (Enterprise Resource Information Systems)
Invested in Hartnet printing machine, first ever of its kind, designed to print on confectionery products
Became a Food Facility Registrant with the United States F.D.A.

Administration pursuant to Section 305 of the US Public Health, Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002

Operations Pursued Recovery Directions from an unforeseen event

On June 24, A major disaster struck as fire destroyed four (4) Departments

            -  Finished Goods Warehouse

            -  Raw Materials Warehouse

            -  Sales and Graphics Departments

            -  Packaging Machineries

Infrastructural Improvement continued

ISO 22,000:2005 Implementation Program under the guidance of CARIRI

Acquisition of land to facilitate the Company’s expansion Program – KC Corporation Limited was established.

Discontinued the production of Jelly products.

Commissioned a New State of the Art Computerized Packaging Line

The Company celebrated its 85th Anniversary

Gala Event at Crowne Plaza with local and international Customers, Suppliers and Special Ministerial Guests

Launch of Sugar Free Hard Candy and Bubble Gum Products

Commissioned State of the Art Automated 12 Ton Stainless Steel Hard Candy Automatic Continuous Cooking Production Line

Increasing Hard Candy production output by 20%

Won Prestigious Award from Grace Kennedy, Canada for the Ginger Toffee

Received an Award from the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation – Civic Awards for Business

The Company received an Award from the Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago in commemoration of our 88th Anniversary for the milestone.
The Company celebrated its 90th Anniversary

Launch Creative Caribbean Manufactured Products

KC Sweet Pan Souvenir Item with KC Flagship product – KC Dinner Mints

Commissioned Blister Pack Line – Ice Blass and Dyno Blass and coming soon, Fruitti Blass

Received the Award from the Ministry of Legal Affairs - World Intellectual Property Day as a Visionary Innovator

Received an Award from the 7th Council of the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation for our Outstanding Service and dedication towards the development of our Region

Introduced Sugar Free Hard Candy Blister Pack products

Ginger and Honey

Jumbo Size Candies – Dark Blue Mints and Chocolate Center Mints

K.C. Confectionery Limited appointed a new Successor

Affga Khan was appointed Chief Executive Officer, successor to Mr. Imran Khan

Received the Award from the Ministry of Legal Affairs - World Intellectual Property Day for effective use of the Intellectual Property System

Received the Award of Appreciation from the National Chutney Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago for our generous support and contribution given towards the 2014 School’s National Carnival Chutney Soca Monarch Competition

Additional exciting products were launched

Three (3) flavours of AX Candy – Flow Pack

New Ball Lollipops flavours – Boo Berry, Irie, Red Tongue, Luv Pop

Soft Chew Twist wrap in assorted Choco Mint and Fruit Flavours

Dynamic Cosmic Double Play – Baseball Bat and Ball

New Gum flavour – Winter Miss

K.C.C.L suffered another great loss

On 23rd October – the Founder’s influential and inspirational partner, wife, mother of his children and friends to all, Korisha H. Khan passed away at the age of 82 years and left (10 biological and 3 foster children to succeed) 4 of which are currently active in the business to continue the family values and legacy

Invested in new high speed hard candy and gum wrapping Equipment

Fresdent 2pc Gum

Received an Award from the Couva/Point Lisas Chamber of Commerce for the 1st Inductee as a “Trail Blazer of Business”
The Company celebrated its 95th Anniversary

Continued investment in high speed lollipop wrapping equipment

K.C.C.L continued evolving

Launch of new hallow ball and flat gum high speed production line

Continue to gain market access DR, Cuba, Panama

Food safety compliance – Successfully obtained FDA Approval
TIC Award for Best Booth
Transitioning CEO: Dr Rollin R. Bertrand

Ongoing OSHA certification  

paved car park environment 

greater reduction in Accidents  

Covid 19 protocol & mitigation 

Improved sales van housekeeping  

Spirometry and audiometry testing 

Increased market share in UK / USA

Ongoing infrastructure upgrade -roof  

Maintained a rigid food safety policy  

Secured hazard material on premises 

Culture training for hazard prevention 

Commissioned T & Tec Metering room 

Vehicle branding with better maintenance   

Implemented accurate inventory management 

Removed / disposed & sold scrap irons materials  

Maintained employment despite shut/ lock down 

Upgraded exchange email server to office M0365 

Mandated vaccination (1 &2) for entire organization  

Improved Route Account Management & portable sales application   

Implemented MS Teams, Zoom, SharePoint & work from home portal. 

Upgraded and maintained factory housekeeping, sanitation requirements  

New CEO: Mr. Satnarine Bachew

Air quality Certification 

Ongoing infrastructure upgrade  

Restructured Management Team   

Increased market share in CARICOM 

Develop KC KIN non-profit foundation  

Development of HR succession planning 

Employee Coaching with Dr. David Brizan 

Successfully registered products for Costa Rica

Brand rebuilding though promo and social media 

Commenced containerized shipments to Grenada

Ongoing employee engagements and appreciation 

Implemented Software for Preventive Maintenance

Commenced celebration of 100th anniversary project  

Acquired additional fleet & Sales team in Domestic market 

Improved Inventory management & raw materials sourcing 

Implemented Cost reduction Strategy & revised business model 

Achieved annual Building, Health & Food safety registration (PH) 2022 

Celebrating 100th Anniversary

Under the guidance of the current Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Satnarine Bachew, KC Confectionery Limited continues to Make Life Sweeter.